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What can YOU do?
Less than 5 minutes:
1. SIGN and SHARE our petition: Petition
2. EMAIL AND CALL: Student Council Representatives, President Teresa Sullivan and Board of Visitors – see Callswarm blog post here.
3. SHARE any and all updates on your facebook–a Hunger Strike is just a group of hungry people unless the world knows about it.  Simply share your support of the campaign and the
4. FINALLY, if you know anyone in media outlets or have connections to large blogs/websites/news outlets–PLEASE tell them about what is happening at the University of Virginia


Feeling a little more committed?:

1. VISIT us at our site in front of the Rotunda!  We are there every day from 10AM-5Pm with daily rallies at 12PM. Stop by even if just for an hour and sit/study/hold a sign. Just BE PRESENT. See our full schedule here.

2. If you can’t be physically with us and you feel able/willing, consider DONATING to the #UVAHungerStrike so we can buy things like posterboard, markers, and other necessary Hunger Strike equipment.

If the button does not work, please use this link to send a secure PayPal transfer.
Thank you!

10 Responses to Get Involved

  1. […] led by U.Va. professors, all in Brooks Hall on the topic of living wages) 3) Join the Living Wage mailing list for updates and action alerts. 5) Pray! Pray for the strikers, pray for a conversion of values […]

  2. Naila says:

    I just wanna say that you all are amazing and loving people.

  3. Pastor Hodari Hamilton says:

    I want to thank you for your courage! What you are doig is needed and will be rewarded. As the Pastor of First Baptist Church know we are praying and working with you.

    See you at 10am.

  4. Heidi says:

    Solidarity and over flowing love for the Living Wage Campaign and Campus Workers United at UVA from Williamsburg! Know that so many people are supporting you in your struggle. Thank you for your committment and I hope the meeting with the administration goes well today!

  5. jack says:

    I want to support your campaign but have the following question. Won’t the living wage campaign, if successful, achieve the exact opposite of what it’s going for when the employers lay off people to accommodate for the higher wage? You cite a few studies; but there are others that say the exact opposite – that increasing minimum wage leads to unemployment because the money is not going to magically appear. Isn’t that also the reason why no economics professors have endorsed your campaign – because they realize this dangerous consequence?

    • Dannah says:

      Thanks for checking out our website. It’s true that no UVa economics professors are signatories of our faculty petition; UVa’s econ department is currently pretty solidly neoliberal/free-market in its theoretical orientation. However, there are plenty of economists whose work does support our core belief that raising the wages of the lowest-paid workers is beneficial not only to those workers, but to the organizations which employ them and the communities in which they live (see, for example, the work of former UVa professor Luis Fernando Medina, Harvard professor Richard Freeman, and Nobel Laureate in Economics Dr. Robert Solow.) We certainly don’t want to hurt low-wage workers, and we’ve thought long and hard about the economic implications of the changes that we’re advocating. For further info, please see our research document “Keeping Our Promises.”

      • Anonymous says:

        I am a low wage UVA employee who appreciates what your doing but has some issues with your campaign. It is causing some problems for us low paid workers. Please check your e-mail where I went in to more detail. Thank you

  6. Pamela Barrientos says:

    You guys are phenomenal! I participated in the Living Wage Campaign at DePaul University 2010-2011, and stand in solidarity with your hunger strike and campaign.

    Please contact me if there’s anything we can do at DePaul.

    Pamela Barrientos
    DePaul 2012

  7. April Gamble says:

    Thank you all. I am 1990 graduate of UVA. I support the compassionate, selfless message of your efforts. Thank you for your work. You all have made me proud to be a UVA graduate. I wish I could stand with you.

  8. Ella says:

    Here’s a crazy idea: cut the salaries of the top administrators. I’m pretty sure they can afford it!

    By the way, please don’t stop updating this website. You had really good momentum and now…


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