Striker Diaries – Day 3 – Hunter Link

Waking up this morning was hard.  Things move in slow motion.  Walking up stairs is difficult.  Hills are a challenge.  Mentally, I feel good, but physically, drained.  I’m really glad that it stopped snowing, and I am really encouraged by the new student hunger strikers that joined.  It gives me hope that President Sullivan will take our concerns to heart.  I also draw support from the employees that I know who pass by and offer their support.  They have done so much for us and it is great to be able to give back.  One employee told me ‘you’re out here making a difference’ and I nodded and said ‘I hope so.  I hope they listen.’  He was insistent ‘you are making a difference.  Right now.’  I draw courage from his support.

written by Wager and Striker, Hunter Link

One Response to Striker Diaries – Day 3 – Hunter Link

  1. Lori Clemons says:

    Hunter, take heart that others are paying attention to this issue and are proud of your sacrifice for others. I applaud the concern and commitment your group is exhibiting. This is an important cause. We are proud of you.

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