No Sodexo at the University of Virginia!

Thank you for your support in our fight to keep Sodexo off the University of Virginia’s campus!

This morning, in a meeting with members of the Living Wage Campaign, Executive Vice President and COO Patrick Hogan verbally confirmed that Sodexo will NOT be the next dining service provider at the University!

We celebrate the fact that the workers on the UVa campus will not be subjected to Sodexo’s unjust labor practices.

Hogan also noted that UVa considers three primary criteria when selecting contractors: cost, student services and satisfaction, and maintaining the conditions of facilities. When asked what role worker conditions play in these decisions, he responded that the wage and labor policies of a contractor are not the business of the University.

We insist that the well-being of those who make this campus run every day IS the business of the University and that their compensation and treatment should be made a priority.

Hogan suggested a follow-up meeting be scheduled after the new dining service contract is announced, which he says will occur in the next 30 days. In this meeting, we intend to continue to advocate for the fair compensation of our workers regardless of which corporation is contracted.

We will continue to update you on this issue and invite you to join us after the new dining service contract is signed to tell Hogan and the rest of the administrators at the University of Virginia that workers, including contracted workers, are ‘Hoos, too.


In solidarity,
Workers and Students United for a Living Wage at the University of Virginia

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