The Living Wage Campaign at the University of Virginia asks for your help at the following event:

What: A committee formed by the administration are going to be having a public forum on what it means to be a “Public University”. There will be a chance for public discussion.

When: Wednesday, Dec. 12th at 4PM. People from the campaign will be assembling with signs starting at 3:30PM. At 4PM we will go into the meeting. If you plan to come please come early, the event might fill up.

Where: The South Meeting Room in Newcomb Hall on UVA’s campus.

Our Stance: Public Universities are supposed to serve all of Virginia – this includes the local community! Public Universities are not businesses and they have more important things than the bottom line – a fair relationship with the community needs to be a priority. UVa has enough money to pay all of its employees enough money to live with dignity but chooses not to – a few months ago the University paid a departing vice president nearly $1 million in severance pay. However when it comes to community members at the bottom of the pay scale the University is eager to cut any corners it can.

A question you can ask at the forum:

  • UVa claims to have it’s own minimum wage of $11.30 per hour. However it continues to avoid doing so by contracting out work to private companies who are allowed to pay as little as $7.25 per hour. The University has the legal right to ask these subcontractors to pay at least $11.30. When people are not paid enough to survive the costs are picked up by the rest of the community. Is this a fair way to run a public university?

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