Striker Diaries: Carl-David, Day 12

Day 12 of the hunger strike: Carl David expresses frustration and hope after another fruitless meeting with UVa administrators. “We, as a community, are headed towards justice here.”

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  1. Rob Myers says:

    I hope the Living Wage at UVA proponents realize there are ramifications of what they are proposing. As the largest employer in the area, it would be inflationary not only for the other University wages but for those in the broader community with loss of no-longer affordable jobs, and for those in retirement,assisted living, and nursing homes decreased affordability as costs escalate. It would force a number of these vulnerable citizens out of their care facilities. As inflation is fueled by these cost increases at the University and in the community, it would lead to an ever-increasing spiral of further wage increases because of no increase in productivity to offset it. How would it get paid for? Further tuition increases, higher taxes? I think its a really bad idea.

    • Dannah says:

      Thanks for checking our website out. We have definitely thought long and hard about the ramifications for what we are proposing. For an in-depth treatment of the economic issues that you raise, please check out our research documents on the Keeping Our Promises tab.

  2. Carl David Goette-Luciak says:

    Just in case anyone was wondering what happened 63 years ago: I have no idea.
    I meant 43 years ago, when the Black Students for Freedom organized the first Rotunda steps rally that called attention (among other things) to the insufficient wages paid to U.Va.’s employees.


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