Callswarm: Student Council Representatives, President Sullivan, BOV

Please email your representative on Student Council, and call all of the Administrators and Board of Visitors. They are stalling! Make your voice know and call these phone numbers right away. They need to know how serious this issue is.

Student Council Reps – send them a personal email based on the school you are in and let them know how much you care.

Representative School Email
Mackenzie Porter Batten
Shaili Shah (Shay-Lee) GSAS
David Hondula GSAS
El’licia Price Curry
Chrissie Monaghan Curry Grad
Alissa Morein McIntire
Mark Verland Neider McIntire
Suraj Mishra CLAS
Marco Segura CLAS
Anuja Chumble CLAS
Michael Promisel CLAS
John Woolard CLAS
Kathleen O’Rourke CLAS
Mackenzie Griffin CLAS
Salma Nabi CLAS
Siddhartha Pailla GSEAS
Alex Reber SEAS
Peter Weber SEAS
Bing Zhang SEAS
Zubin Mehta Darden
Ryan Woessner LAW
Philip Williamson LAW
Erik Criman MED
Adam Pelleg NURSING
Phil Kleinheinz SCPS
Will Laverack FY
Erin Flanagan TRANSFER


My name is [Your Name] and I’m a [affiliation with UVA - friend and community member is ok too] and I am calling in support of the Living Wage Campaign’s Hunger Strike for a fair wage for all University employees, both direct and contract. Please make good progress at the meeting tomorrow to end the Hunger Strike! This is a matter of justice of the highest order. Please Honor your Commitment to the lowest-paid workers and Keep Your Promises and pay a Living Wage.

UVA Administrators Contact Info (PDF)

Please also sign the Petition.

4 Responses to Callswarm: Student Council Representatives, President Sullivan, BOV

  1. jose belocki says:

    i admire the work you do, the president released and email today detailing the university’s progress for low paid workers, I’d like to hear your response to her memo and the points made within. it appears she has made progress and i like the tone of her memo.

    • Emily says:

      See our response to Pres. Sullivan’s email under “Highlighted Posts”! Thanks for checking us out.

  2. Callswarm: Tell President Sullivan & BOV Move Up Meeting; Keep Your Promises « vloves says:

    [...] Callswarm: Tell President Sullivan & BOV Move Up Meeting; Keep Your Promises. [...]

  3. Mary Stewart-Silver says:

    It’s vital that UVa do whatever it takes to provide a living wage to all its employees, absolutely including those who work for companies that contract with the University.

    A couple of specific thoughts:

    There’s a legal argument out there (though it’s been debunked on other grounds by the Living Wage Campaign’s lawyer) that institutions must negotiate contracts based on “best value” without regard to social good. I believe that, if necessary, an intriguing and worthwhile legal case might center on the idea that modelling “best practices” in the realm of equity and diversity as relates to workers could indeed be part of “best value” in a public educational institution. This is because the University’s mission is to educate its students, and many believe that civic education – the exploration of how resources and influence are accessed and deployed, and the ethical considerations that arise from this exploration – is a key component of education. `

    I feel also that when it comes to funding issues, people (i.e. alumni, parents, etc.) are galvanized by visionary stands, and moved to extend their financial support.

    I thank you for your extraordinary commitment and efforts!!!!


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